There are two different Christmas Boat Parades in Ventura county, CA.  The first is usually at Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard.  In 2016 the boat parade of lights was held on December 10.  The second parade of lights is held in Ventura Harbor and usually goes for two nights.  It was scheduled for December 16-17, 2016.  Unfortunately due to high winds the parade was canceled on Friday night, but is scheduled to go for Saturday night.

Channel Islands Harbor Boat Parade of Lights

Many boats participated in the parade of lights in Oxnard on December 10, 2016.  The theme of the parade was Hollywood.

CIH Boat Parade of Lights 2016

This boat from the PCYC was all lit up, had music and people dancing, but totally missed out on Christmas

This boat got the Hollywood theme, with their depiction of Rocky, but missed Christmas

 photo IMG_4079.jpg

 photo IMG_4066.jpg

 photo IMG_4102.jpg

 photo 20161210_194411.jpg

 photo 20161210_195227.jpg

 photo IMG_4138.jpg

More pictures from the Channel Islands Harbor Parade of Lights are available on my PhotoBucket Account.

For the Ventura Harbor Boat Parade of Lights 2016 see the next post

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My last tourist stop on my journey was at the Salton Sea in southeastern California.  I went to the north end of the Salton Sea and watched the sun set on the last day of my 7+ week tour around the United States.

 photo IMG_3995.jpg

I had never been to the Salton Sea, but it’s not worth the trip.  There are dead fish all over the banks and it smells funny.

 photo 20160827_185753.jpg
 photo 20160827_185828.jpg
 photo 20160827_190049.jpg

The water level is low currently. There is a nice yacht club, but the water isn’t deep enough to get a boat thru the channel into the harbor.
 photo IMG_3992.jpg

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The next stop was downtown Phoenix and the Capital of Arizona.

 photo 20160827_140004.jpg

I think those are the guns off the USS Arazona
 photo IMG_3967.jpg

 photo IMG_3969.jpg
 photo IMG_3976.jpg

I had lunch in Phoenix and then headed west.

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The next stop on my journey was Casa Grande National Historic Place.   It is the ruins of an ancient Indian (Native American) civilization.

 photo 20160827_120023.jpg
 photo 20160827_124030.jpg
 photo 20160827_124346.jpg

Casa Grande

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Saturday Morning August 27th I went to Saguaro National Monument on the east side of Tucson, AZ.  I arrived before the visitors center was open so I drove around the loop trail.  Tucson is in the Sonoran desert.

 photo IMG_3941.jpg
 photo IMG_3959.jpg
 photo 20160827_092758.jpg
 photo IMG_3949.jpg

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I went thru another thunder storm with heavy rains for a short time in western New Mexico as I headed to Arizona.  I then headed south of I-10 to Chiricahua National Monument, passing Fort Bowie NHS in route.  I arrived in the evening after the ranger station was closed.  I drove up to the top to see the it before it got dark.  Chiricahua is the “land of the sanding up rocks” as you see in the pictures.

 photo IMG_3904.jpg

 photo 20160826_180625.jpg

 photo 20160826_181325.jpg
 photo 20160826_181425.jpg
 photo IMG_3917.jpg

I camped over night there and rose early the next morning as I had lots of ground to cover.  I was in south east Arizona and planned to get home by the following evening.  It was lightly raining that morning as I packed up the tent before dawn.
 photo IMG_3933.jpg

I went for a nature hike on my way out of the park and saw lots of wild flowers in bloom after the rains they had there recently.
 photo 20160827_055645.jpg

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As I was driving I saw a sign inviting me to view the White Sands Missile Range Museum. I went in to check it out. They require visitors park outside the base, and have you come into a welcome office to get a visitors badge.
 photo 20160826_145059.jpg

Inside the gate, across the street from the welcome office is a display field with many, many different types of missiles, aircraft, and space craft from over the years.
 photo 20160826_134714.jpg
 photo 20160826_134855.jpg
 photo 20160826_134856.jpg

This is a mockup of the “fatman” bomb dropped on Japan in WW2
 photo 20160826_135411.jpg

One thing that stood out to me was the Patriot Missile system from the first Gulf War that was used to take down the SCUD Missiles
 photo 20160826_135505.jpg

I also went inside the museum adjacent to the field where many more artifacts are on display.  After that I continued on to the west and headed for Arizona.

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