Weekend at Charlie’s

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Charlie, Kate, and I before kayaking

Weekend at Charlie’s

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I got to join Charlie and Kate for a fun weekend kayaking and mountain biking.

Saturday morning we loaded up the kayaks for the perfect location to put them into the water.

 photo IMG_9459.jpg

We found a spot with access for fisherman which is just what we needed.

 photo IMG_9456.jpg

We blew up the inflatable for me
 photo GOPR3840.jpg

We had fun kayaking down the river.
 photo GOPR3885.jpg

We went thru some rapids

There are some old cars along the bank of the river
 photo GOPR3876.jpg
We stopped for lunch on a grassy rock bar (island) in the river
 photo GOPR3953.jpg
We went under some bridges
 photo GOPR4022.jpg

Kate enjoyed the trip too
 photo GOPR4041.jpg
When we got to the take-out spot they took the motorcycle up to the car
 photo G0074083.jpg

Sunday afternoon we had to run some errands and they played on the shopping cart
 photo IMG_9463.jpg

Then Charlie and I went mountain biking at Snow Basin
 photo IMG_9468.jpg

 photo 20160710_155807.jpg

We rode up to a beautiful overlook
 photo IMG_9473.jpg

 photo 20160710_160751.jpg
We stopped at a local mountain biking park on the way back
 photo IMG_9498.jpg