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Jan – Dec 2021 Franklin Planner Monthly Tabs for Compact Size (4.25″x6.75″) organizer (sku 80300), or equivalent.  Use Promo code WELCOME for 15% off and Free Shipping
Compact Size Jan-Dec 2021

I need a new boat water heater as mine is leaking.  I have an 11 gallon stainless steel dual core water heater, meaning it can heat water by electricity or with excess heat from the engine.  Mine has the water intake and output, along with the heater element on the front, and the coolant lines go into the back.  Please note the location of the water intake and output connections to match my existing plumbing, along with the connections for the heat exchanger.  You are welcome to get it anywhere but please ship it to California.  Also please note what it is made out of.  Some are aluminum and those only last about 3 years.  Please order the stainless steel.  It is more expensive, but will last 3 times as long.  The best deal I was able to find is on Bonanza, but I also found it on Amazon and Walmart.

If you use the Chrome extension Coupon Cabin, Be Frugal or Rakuten you will get some cash back on your purchase.  One warning is that I suggest if you setup an account use a secondary email address with spam filters active.  Don’t use your primary email address.

Thank you!