Fishing with Alan

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Fishing with Alan

Fishing with Alan

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July 3, 2016 – I was invited to go Fishing with Alan aboard his fishing boat and he allowed me to bring my friend Bootstrap Bill.  We caught several fish, but none of them were keepers.

We got started early and the seas were calm as we left the harbor.  It was also overcast which is good for fishing.

IMG_9379  IMG_9382


Alan caught a whole bunch of fish

IMG_9398  IMG_9396

IMG_9412  IMG_20160703_100810

IMG_20160703_105749  IMG_20160703_110815

Bill caught a big sting ray

IMG_9401  IMG_9403

Bill caught a big white sea bass and another fish

IMG_20160703_101337  IMG_9410

I was hooked into a big bat ray, faught with it for a while, and chased it around the boat but it ended up breaking the line.  I caught one little fish.


About 12:30 the wind picked up and it started getting a little choppy.  We did a lap around the bouy on the way in to see the sea lions.


We got together with Alan’s family and future in-laws for a BBQ dinner

IMG_9428  IMG_9427

It was a great day!