Causey Reservoir Rope Swing

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Causey Reservoir

Causey Reservoir Rope Swing

Posted in : Adventure on by : Bill York

My friends and I went to the Causey Reservoir on July 16, 2017. It is located up in the mountains east of Ogden, UT. Kate went kayaking on the lake while Charlie and I went for a hike along the side of the lake. There were a lot of people there that day. We skipped the first turnoff on the trail which goes to some rocks that you can jump off of into the water because it was too crowded. We continued on to find the rope swing. We met some people along the trail that said there was a trail marker but you had to go off trail and bush wack your way down the side of the hill to get to the rope swing.

Rope Swing

There were some other people there that came by water.  They were enjoying the rope swing and everyone took turns.  I got some video clips of some of the cool acrobatics that were done.