Visit with Carolyn and Nick

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Carolyn's family and I

Visit with Carolyn and Nick

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I went to a suburb of Austin Texas to visit with Carolyn and Nick, and their 13 year old son.  Carolyn is a school teacher and was in the process of preparing for her first day of class so she was very busy preparing her class room.  We were planning on going to dinner on Saturday evening but she wasn’t feeling well that evening (after working on her classroom all day), so I stayed in my hotel room and watched the last day of the olympics.  I met them at their church the next morning where they were having a special service to celebrate all of the kids starting the new school year.

After church we went to lunch at a place that their son Forrester really likes, Mighty Fine Burgers.  After lunch they had things to do so I went to the state capital and then to the Alamo.

Carolyn and Forrester

Nick and I

Carolyn's family and I

Live Oak Church Kids

Some of the kids from Live Oak church