Jorie and Charlie

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Jorie and Charlie

Posted in : Uncategorized on by : Bill York

I got to see Jorie and Charlie in Henderson, NV while I was in the area.  They use to live on a 60 foot sailboat called “Jorie” in Ventura.  However they moved to rural Iowa to assist with a family farm about 10 years ago.  A few years ago they got a place in Nevada to spend the winter.  The both lived in Nevada where they built the sailboat before moving to Ventura.

Jorie and Charlie with their dogs

Jorie made a very nice and healthy dinner and we had a great visit.  Jorie makes jewelry (when she is not farming) and has a website  She has been building webpages for years and has learned a tremendous amount about web development.  She has also developed websites for other organizations and charities.