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Missile Range

Missile Range

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As I was driving I saw a sign inviting me to view the White Sands Missile Range Museum. I went in to check it out. They require visitors park outside the base, and have you come into a welcome office to get a visitors badge.
 photo 20160826_145059.jpg

Inside the gate, across the street from the welcome office is a display field with many, many different types of missiles, aircraft, and space craft from over the years.
 photo 20160826_134714.jpg
 photo 20160826_134855.jpg
 photo 20160826_134856.jpg

This is a mockup of the “fatman” bomb dropped on Japan in WW2
 photo 20160826_135411.jpg

One thing that stood out to me was the Patriot Missile system from the first Gulf War that was used to take down the SCUD Missiles
 photo 20160826_135505.jpg

I also went inside the museum adjacent to the field where many more artifacts are on display.  After that I continued on to the west and headed for Arizona.